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Welcome to The Field of Vision: featuring the A T Junkie Podcast

We will be on Facebook Live weekdays, at 4pm eastern time.  Please join us as we will be discussing a variety of topics related to living with vision loss.  This website is quickly becoming one of the largest resources for information on all things related to people who are blind or visually impaired.  Make sure to visit often as we add content frequently.

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Listen to weekly podcasts geared toward living with vision loss.  Learn about issues in Vision Rehabilitation such as looking for a job and Assistive Technology. 

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Notes and Links from this Week's Podcasts

This week, we focus on accessibility issues faced by the blind community related to travel.  Companies such as Uber and Lyft are growing at a surprisingly fast rate and are now synonymous with the terms cab, taxi and car service.  Unfortunately our community continues to be plagued by accessibility and usability issues.  We talked about organizations, such as GDUI, that can help with issues related to access.  

Here is a blog post by the Lighthouse of Central Florida in Orlando.  It features Judy Matthews and an issue she faced with Uber and her guide dog.

Here is a link to Aira.  For a limited time you will recieve 25% off of the first three months of service.  Be sure to mention to them that you heard about Aira through our podcasts and website.   

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